Love Happens & Coffee Helps

Café au Love was brewed specifically for those who appreciate the pleasures that life and love have to offer along with the "happily ever after". Whether it's reciting those intimate vows to your soul mate or exchanging a few nostalgic memories and laughs with your dearest friends; know that Café au Love will be the extra shot of espresso that gets you through the planning process for your special day! Oh, and did I + décor as well!  Together we'll create the wedding of your dreams.


Araceli was our coordinator, and was the best decision we made in terms of wedding vendors. She's incredibly hardworking, personable, and organized. Even if the world was falling apart, I'd imagine that she'd still be level-headed, collected, and ahead of the game. There are so many moving parts and little details that you would never think of until you start planning your own wedding. It can become pretty overwhelming at moments, but Araceli made sure that everything was accounted for. When it came to the day of the wedding, the only thing I had to worry about was getting ready and walking down that aisle. Araceli worked with all the vendors, the venue, the schedule, and everything else. As a bride, you'll probably be blind to all the things things that go behind the scenes on the wedding day, but even my bridesmaids noticed how great she was at her job and told me that everything went amazingly well. Throughout the whole process, Araceli went above and beyond her job description. She really cared about all the little details and the fact that this was going to be an important day for me and my husband. We felt really supported and assured to have her as our coordinator. RUTH

Celebrating our second anniversary just recently we were reflecting back on the care and talent Araceli offered during the planning process for our floral design and desired ambiance on the actual day. Her attention to detail and ability to create beauty within a room as well as in each floral design sets her apart. Thank you Araceli. TAMI + BILLY

Araceli is amazing! Not only was she able to create the most beautiful floral arrangements, she was also able to take on the responsibilities of my big day leaving me nothing to worry about. She was able to take my Pinterest board of wedding flower ideas and put together beautiful pieces. Throughout my entire wedding planning process, Araceli made sure to check-in to see how things were going and to make sure we were on top of things even though we hired her for flowers and day of coordinating. Araceli did a terrific job!  XOXO, BRITANY

Araceli seamlessly coordinated our Lake Tahoe wedding! She was very diligent and paid attention to all details.  Having our wedding hundreds of miles away made us extremely nervous but, Araceli made sure everything was taken care of and well planned.  We had a vision that she made come to life.  She pulled it all together so we did not have to worry about a thing.  She was prepared for everything that came at her (i.e.: the wind almost tearing down our alter, wedding gown ripping, etc). Araceli was absolutely crucial in making our special day go off without a hitch!  JAYME