Whether you are looking for matrimonial affairs + celebrations locally brewed in San Diego or abroad, Café au Love will create the perfectly blended package for your wedding + celebratory wishes!  

Cortadito: Month of coordination

Just a shot of espresso + a dollop of hot milk, please! 

For those who are highly organized, detail-oriented and have checked off just about all of the boxes from their "to-do" list BUT still need guidance to finalize the details and hands-on assistance with set-up on the day of their event, then this package is perfect for you! A cortadito is just that extra shot of energy to get you through the very end of your special day. This is where Café au Love steps in 1 - 2 months prior to the big day and will arrange a final details meeting, create thorough set-up documents, orchestrate your rehearsal and perfectly execute your celebration from beginning until the very end. 

$1600 + 


Mocchiato: Partial coordination

Let's take it up a notch, and mark our espresso with foamy milk! 

This package is where Café au Love is guiding your through the entire wedding planning process and ensures that you are on the right track. A freshly brewed mocchiato and a cortadito shot means you will get everything stated above plus coordination on any and all final walk-throughs with your venue + vendors and we will assist with contacting your family + friends whom haven't yet RSVP'd! Trust and believe that all things are possible with coffee and mascara! 

$2800 + 


Café au lait: Full service coordination

The signature: Café au Lait, topped with a creamy heart!

Imagine yourself going to a new cafe and being a tiny bit overwhelmed with the menu. Not knowing exactly what you want but you have a good idea of what tickles your senses, you then ask the barista for recommendations. -- That's exactly where this package and Café au Love come into play. Combining both packages above, we will be with you from beginning to end of the entire planning process. Café au Love will: recommend venues + vendors that fall within your budget and perfectly suit your event's aesthetics; assist with creating a floral design + decor concept; act as a sole connection between you and your vendors; plus orchestrate all meetings with your vendors upon booking! -- Did we mention that dress + tux shopping is one of our favorite things?! Café au Love will happily join you and become your personal stylist for the day! We want you to be confident with wearing the perfect ensemble for your special day!

$4000 +


wanderlust affairs

Let's make our coffee to-go! 

For the love of traveling and the very fact that we are hopeless romantics,  we will be literally on board with any and every vision you have for your perfect destination elopement, wedding, and/or celebration! Ensuring that all of your event details remain on the right track while you indulge in the beauty of your ideal destination, Café au Love will be that perfect blend to get your gears going. - Leave your worries behind!

Pricing Brewed Upon Destination Details + Brew of Choice


* Serving San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles, Palm Springs and Beyond! *